Varun Rajput - Music Mojo Season 4 - Kappa TV

Antariksh Live on Music Mojo Season 4 Kappa TV

One of India’s most popular Hindi Rock band, Antariksh, which is spearheaded by guitarist and music composer, Varun Rajput was recently featured on Music Mojo Season 4, a popular Coke-studio styled TV show on Kappa TV. The show which was aired on Kappa TV featured 11 songs ( 9 originals and 2 A.R. Rahman covers) played and shot live by Antariksh in Trivandrum.

Here’s a playlist of all the songs – hope you like them 🙂


Playlist: Antariksh Live on Music Mojo Season 4 Kappa TV

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Varun Rajput Live with Parikrama

Varun Rajput creates a song for Idea 3G campaign: Delhi Nahi Rukegi

Based on Varun’s work with Antariksh, Idea Cellular Pvt. Ltd. reached out to Varun to create a song for its popular campaign, ‘Delhi Nahi Rukegi’. The song, targeted towards the young population, celebrates the spirit of Delhi as well as showcases Idea’s new 3G network in Delhi.

Here’s where you can check out the song, ‘Dilli Nahi Rukegi’

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Varun Rajput with Parikrama band

Live with Parikrama at Mood Indigo 2015, IIT Bombay

Almost exactly 11 years ago, I was in first year of my college pursuing a B.E. in Information Technology from DTU (Known as Delhi College of Engineering back then). It’d been only about a year since I’d been playing the acoustic guitar and I hadn’t even bought the electric guitar until this time. Although, I could barely play the guitar, I was madly in love with music and as well totally enamoured with the guitar. I knew that at some point of time in college, I wanted to form a band and hopefully be on the stage some day. In September 2015, I went to one of the first big concert of my life – Blitzkrieg 2005 at IIT Delhi – the daddy of all Rock competitions and concerts. Parikrama was the headliner of the concert. I can distinctly remember every moment of that concert – I was right there in the front row shouting, “Sonam, I Love You” as he belted out the guitar solo of their epic song, ‘But It Rained’. Standing right up front I was trying to reach out and just touch his beautiful Gibson guitar. I was a total fanboy. I also vividly remember head-banging and singing through a bunch of their songs, and waking up with a sore neck yesterday. Little did I know that 10 years later I will not be just sharing stage with the biggest Rock n’ Roll band of India, but actually playing guitars for them. In October 2015, when Saurabh Chaudhary, the guitar player of Parikrama called me to substitute for him for a couple of shows, it just felt like one of those to-good-to-be-true-movie-like moments. Hell yes, I responded. Within no time, I just ran through and prepared all of their songs. Despite learning all the songs thoroughly, I was so nervous playing their songs with them at the rehearsal. Thankfully, Sonam, Nitin, Subir, Gaurav, Srijan – all of them were really supportive and encouraging. After a couple of rehearsals, we were set for the gigs. And, man – did I have blast. Oh, hell yeah! We played two back to back gigs and what a moment it was – absolutely incredible.

Here’s a video of one of Parikrama’s most popular songs, ‘Am I Dreaming’ live at Step by Step School, Greater Noida.

Parikrama – Am I Dreaming Live at Step by Step School, Greater Noida

A month later, I got a call from Subir Malik to play again for Parikrama at undoubtedly the biggest college festival of India – Mood Indigo at IIT Bombay. And what made it even bigger that this time I was substituting for Sonam Sherpa. Oh man – it couldn’t have gotten bigger than this – playing to an audience of over 20,000 people with the biggest band in the country and the largest college festival in Asia, what more could I ask for. We rehearsed again and set for Mumbai and buoy oh buoy – what a gig it turned out to be. Absolutely freaking insane and tight!!! I had the time of my life.

Here are a bunch of pictures which will remain etched un my memory forever and ever.

  • Parikrama – Mood Indigo
  • Parikrama featuring Varun Rajput at Mood Indigo 2015
  • Parikrama Mood Indigo 3
  • 12365967_10206869856402599_3667957906611789911_o
  • Parikrama Mood Indigo 2
  • 1506328_10206869866922862_4450985984289545334_o
  • 11058701_10206869855002564_2245498529271383253_o
  • Parikrama feat. Varun Rajput at Mood Indigo IIT Bombay
  • 12357181_10206869845602329_2755838780708562960_o
  • 12371144_10206869866602854_6842290617055018918_o
  • 12375271_10153658478545041_8051412178000707585_o
  • Varun Rajput Live with Indian Rock Band Parikrama at Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay

Photo credits: Anup Shrikumar, campus_shots

Looking forward to many more amazing concerts and meeting all you awesome people in the years to come 🙂